Helpful Tips

1. Try to have any alterations to your gown done before your portrait session. A good fitting gown will photograph much better than one that is too long. Have the gown pressed just before your session.

2. Have hair and make-up done by a professional stylist. Make-up should be blended well into the neckline for a more natural look. Hair should be pulled up from the seam of the neck; but if you never wear your hair up, use caution you may not look like you!

3. Feel free to have a family member or friend present during your session, but please caution them against trying to distract or otherwise interfere with the session. They are with you for support and assistance, but the photographer needs your undivided attention during posing and shooting.

4. Eat a good meal before you arrive. A bridal session can be quite fatiguing and you need strength.

For a guide on all of your photography needs, kindly click on the Photography Checklist below for more details.

   Photography Checklist

Your wedding memories are going to last a lifetime with proper attention to photographic details. Capturing on film special groupings, events and guests requires careful thought and planning. Allow the following list to guide your individual photography needs.

These pictures are included in every package:

  • Bride dressing for ceremony
  • Bride, Full-length solo
  • Bride with parents
  • Bride with mother/father separately
  • Bride with grandparents
  • Bride with sisters/brothers
  • Bride with maid of honor
  • Bride with attendants
  • Bride with ring bearer, flower girl
  • Garter being put on
  • Groom dressing for ceremony
  • Groom, Full-length solo
  • Groom with parents
  • Groom with mother/father separately
  • Groom with grandparents
  • Groom with sisters/brothers
  • Groom with best man
  • Groom with groomsmen
  • Groom, brides parents being seated for ceremony
  • Bridesmaids walking down the aisle
  • Flower girl, ring bearer walking down the aisle
  • Bride & father approaching the altar or canopy
  • Bride’s father giving her hand to groom
  • Exchanging of vows
  • Ring ceremony
  • Recessional
  • Formal bride & groom together
  • Newlyweds & parents
  • Newlyweds & entire bridal party
  • Close-ups of bride & groom’s hands clasped together
  • Receiving line – guests & bridal party Cake table
  • Bride & groom cutting/feeding each other cake
  • Best man toasting newlyweds
  • Newlyweds toasting each other
  • Cake & punch servers
  • Musicians
  • Newlyweds first dance
  • Guest dancing
  • Bride tossing bouquet
  • Groom removing garter
  • Groom tossing garter
  • Guests throwing rice
  • Newlyweds getting into limousine or car
  • Post-reception party
  • Bride’s mother assisting her into going-away costume
  • Bride or groom alone with new stepchildren

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