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More and more couples are opting for photojournalism these days. This is a newer technique in photography that involves taking candid photos of the event as it transpires. As a result, the photos turn out to be more genuine as they show smiles that are not scripted and actions that are more spontaneous.

What photojournalism does is tell the entire story by recording a delicate slice of life that captures the greater meaning of the events shown in the lives of those pictured. That’s it; the objective is to tell the story.

Essence Weddings Productions takes pride in saying that we have the gift to make your event alive in the photos we create – may it be weddings, personal portraits or corporate events. Focusing on weddings, the bride herself is recognized to maintain a certain depth and complexity that though may not be explained by too many is worthy of showing off. This personality of hers can only be shown in the photo when the photographer himself has the right luxury of time, equipment and of course, perseverance and personality.

Essence Weddings Productions very well acknowledges the importance of this challenge. No wonder why we create bridal magazine-worthy photos that truly showcase the best of the brides – their grace, their beauty and even their frailty that is natural of a woman.

Rest assured that the attention we will be giving you is highly individualized, taking into account your unique preferences. After all, this is a once in a lifetime event that deserves lasting memories worth sharing to everyone.

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